Wilderness Camping Adventure

Spend two days and two nights getting a completely authentic experience of the area around Thiadene Nëné and Łutsël K’é. Visit Red Cliff Island, fish in secluded spots, immerse yourself in the landscape, and get a rustic experience in a pristine landscape.

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Red Cliff Island Boat Tour

See the grandeur of Red Cliff Island on this scenic boat tour. Learn a deep knowledge of the land’s history and significance while you enjoy fishing in the area or learning more about the culture of the Łutsël K’é Dene through traditional Indigenous storytelling.

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Experience Lutsel K’e

Learn more about the history and culture of the Łutsël K’é Dene and get a sense of daily life in the community. Learn about the landmark development of the Thaidene Nene Protected Area and its important connection to the community.

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