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Explore the East Arm with Red Cliff Adventures

The East Arm of Great Slave Lake is an awe-inspiringly beautiful and profoundly moving part of the NWT. Experience it deeper way with Red Cliff Adventures.

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This area has so much to offer visitors – world-class fishing, awe-inspiring landscapes, rich history and culture, and unrivaled birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Thaidene Nëné or “Land of the Ancestors” has been the focus of international attention for its pristine beauty and ecological conservation efforts. It is a part of the North like no other.

While many people are turning their attention to the pristine waters and magnificent landscape for the first time, Red Cliff Adventures owner and guide Ron Desjarlais is a Łutsël K’é Dene Elder and has known this place all his life. It’s Ron’s knowledge and living connection to Thaidene Nëné that makes tours with Red Cliff Adventures that much more memorable and meaningful.

Why choose Red Cliff

Red Cliff Adventures provides the chance for guests to get a taste of something a little different from the lodge experience – a chance to live more like Dene on the land by doing things in the traditional way.

  • Walk with Dene Elder Ron Desjarlais
  • Enjoy world-famous fishing
  • Learn the timeless history and culture
  • Camp in pristine landscapes
  • Get face-to-face with iconic wildlife
  • Experience a traditional pace of life

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Meet Ron Desjarlais

There’s no better way to experience the East Arm of Great Slave Lake than with Łutsël K’é Dene Elder Ron Desjarlais.

This spectacular land – the East Arm and Thaidene Nëné – are Ron’s home and his years of guiding experience mean he knows how to take you through the land better than almost anyone else. Starting in the 1970s, Ron has years of experience guiding clients and has a longstanding relationship with the nearby Frontier Lodge. Ron’s appreciation and knowledge will bring your trip through this land to a new level – a powerful one-of-a-kind journey through Thaidene Nëné with someone who cares and is so deeply connected to it.

Featured Packages

Wilderness Camping Adventure

Spend two days and two nights getting a completely authentic experience of the area around Thiadene Nëné and Łutsël K’é. Visit Red Cliff Island, fish in secluded spots, immerse yourself in the landscape, and get a rustic experience in a pristine landscape.

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Red Cliff Island Boat Tour

See the grandeur of Red Cliff Island on this scenic boat tour. Learn a deep knowledge of the land’s history and significance while you enjoy fishing in the area or learning more about the culture of the Łutsël K’é Dene through traditional Indigenous storytelling.

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Experience Lutsel K’e

Learn more about the history and culture of the Łutsël K’é Dene and get a sense of daily life in the community. Learn about the landmark development of the Thaidene Nene Protected Area and its important connection to the community.

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What you need to
know before you go

The pristine beauty and remote landscapes of Thaidene Nëné and the East Arm of Great Slave Lake are part of what will make your trip a life-changing experience. From typical weather to Łutsël K’é amenities to guidance for being respectful on the land – it pays to be informed about what to expect on your trip.

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